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Order of Dawn is darkly humorous, fast-paced roguelite puzzle game, combining rich rpg mechanics with fun, addictivity and accessibility of casual puzzle games.

What makes it good?

What makes any roguelite good? Procedurally generated dungeons, full of dangerous monsters, deadly traps and powerful artefacts, allowing for almost endless replaybility and hundreds of hours of gameplay, and the thrill of challenge that only permadeath can bring.

What makes it unique?

Whereas most games in the genre lean strongly either toward completely tactical or purely action gameplay, Order of Dawn takes a third option. Solving puzzles in real time to guide literally unstoppable protagonist, to attack and while being attacked by hordes of enemies requires both nimble fingers and quick thinking.

For hundreds of years paladins of Order of Sundar tirelessly fought evil. From simple undead infesting an old tomb, to wars with monstrous bloodweavers, to times when whole world was on brink to destruction -- they rise up to a challenge of their rival. But for each enemy of peace defeated, for each crisis averted, ten more would sprung up and the world grew darker. Only a fraction of the Order's former power left, mighty fortresses abandoned and fallen in disrepair, and rumours of the Final Nights coming spreading like a wildfire. But Dawn, the youngest among knights, was not about to let thing take their grim course. For she had a Cause and she had a plan...


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